Results from June, 2014 after ISIS occupied Northern Iraq and most Christian villages Until Nov 15, 2014

Million Raised
Millions Committed
10,000 +
Refugees Helped

About Projects

This site was created with the intention to show what, and are doing to help the helpless christians of Iraq.   For those of you that donated money, a warm coat, a can of food or just your time thank you.  This all wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you.  Please continue to help with your support and donations especially during this cold winter.

Scroll down and navigate around the website to see all current, existing, and future projects being done to help the innocent christian victims of Iraq


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Sponsored by the St. Thomas the Apostle Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of the U.S.A.   Find news about what is happening directly in Iraq, direct messages from Bishop Francis Kalabat, ways to volunteer and donate, and how we are helping the helpless in Iraq.  This site was created with the purpose to show our community what is happening in Iraq and what is being done to help.

Adopt a Refugee Family

The Adopt-a-Refugee Family program has been successfully working with the Jesuits to aid these refugees for years. There are many ways to help

100% of your donations go directly to a family in dire need of help, and hope. There are many ways to help our cause…