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Project #7

Housing for 538 Refugees in Arbil

About Project #7

Many families fled their homes and have found themselves in Arbil, homeless and with nothing.

Project #7 has housed 538 refugees under the care of Bishop Bashar Matti Warda.

A lease agreement has been signed between the following parties 1st Party – Mr. Jalal Umer Muhamademin and 2nd Party – Bishop Bashar Matti Warda. Below is a picture of the lease agreement.

Christians effected by ISIS


No home and living on the streets was the life for many in Iraq when ISIS forced these christians.  Housing for 538 Refugees took a lot of effort.  Mr Jalal Umer Muhamaemin owns several properties in Iraq and was willing to help out our displaced christians brothers & sisters.   He is renting out 46 motels for $46,000 a month for 3 months to Bishop Matitiwarda in Iraq.   This was a last minute relief effort that cost $92,000 up front and housed 538 Refugees.

About Project 7

$98,846,000,  – Sent to Bishop Warda

Sep 10, 2014 to Dec 10, 2014 – Rental Period

46 – Motels for monthly rental

A lot more help is needed.
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