Families Helped
Total Cost-to-Date
$120 K

Project 5 & 17

Families in Lebanon

About Project #5 & 17

With 100 families now in Lebanon due to having fled Mosul because of ISIS the yearly cost to aid these families is $120,000 plus an additional $25,000 for initial aid.

Because of the generous hearts of Dr. Nori Barka and his group in California an additional 100 families have been assisted in Lebanon. These families have fled Mosul due to the crisis ISIS has created.

Shelter for the Homeless


With all of these Christian families scattered in different countries and homeless we are fortunate that we have had help from many including Dr. Barka in Califorina However it is still not enough. Please continue to donate

About Project 5 & 17

The status is ongoing for both projects.

$25,000 in initial aid

$120,000 in additional aid

A lot more help is needed.
Please help with anything you can