500 +
Families Saved
Palets of Food
Gallons of Watter

Project #3

Al- Karma housing project

About Project #3

Al- Karma housing project – to house 540 refugees by Fr. Najib Al Doomineky and his committee.

Total cost: $99,280.00

$10k – spent for immediate aid at the beginning of the crises.

We are N


As days passed Christians of Iraq were being slaughtered and forced to leave their homes by the hundreds.  More help was desperately needed.   Helpiraq.org and adoptarefugeefamily.org were aggressively raising donations to help the Iraqi Christians without loved ones, a place to sleep, or even a piece of food to eat.

About Project 2

$80,000 – Sent to Bishop Warda and Bishop Nona

$30k – Immediate Aid for food, water and shelter, etc.

$50k – Cash assistance see attachment list of names, phone numbers (removed) and amount for each recipient.

Project #2a

$60,000 Was wire from the St. Thomas Diocese to Bishop Bashar Warda for Immediate Aid

A lot more help is needed.
Please help with anything you can